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10 Early Symptoms of Dementia

Overview Dementia is a collection of symptoms that can occur due to a variety of possible diseases. Dementia symptoms include impairments in thought,
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A Guide to Downsizing for Seniors and Th

There are all kinds of benefits to downsizing in your golden years — lower energy bills, a smaller space to clean and maintain, and the potential of
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The Ultimate Guide to Senior Finance: Fi

Benefits and Social Security Social Security was designed as a “safety net” of sorts. Aside from your personal savings, and an employer pension, S
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8 Ways For Seniors To Stay Active This H

Staying healthy can be a challenge during the holiday season, when diet and exercise often take a backseat to the more festive tasks of shopping and e
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Substance Abuse and Caregiving: When to

Whether you are a caregiver for an aging parent with the first signs of dementia or a client with debilitating chronic pain, caregiving is one of the
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The Quiet Epidemic of Senior Drug Abuse

The elderly may be the last population you’d imagine would have issues with drugs and alcohol. Think again. New data shows the number of seniors wit
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When to step in: An Assessment Tool

This quiz will help determine if you should consider stepping in as a caregiver (or making arrangements for a caregiver).   If I were to leave th
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Is This Dementia and What Does It Mean?

Introduction   What does it mean when someone is said to have dementia? For some people , the word conjures up scary images of “crazy” behavior
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Alzheimer’s and Other Forms of Dem

Dementia is the loss of mental functions — such as thinking, memory, and reasoning — that is severe enough to interfere with a person̵
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