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Healthy Lifestyle Could Reduce Risk Of Dementia

In Home Healthcare

Forecastle Home and Health care Services is specialized in providing comprehensive extended hourly home health care services from 4 to 24 hours-a-day assisting our clients who wish to enjoy the comforts our their own homes “age in Place” and have all needed services delivered to them at home, wherever home may be. Forecastle Home and Health care services are provided by companions, home health aides/certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses and registered nurses. By utilizing carefully chosen and fully trained care providers, Forecastle Home and Health care Services specialists provide individualized care plans formulated by an RN Case Manager in conjunction with the client’s preferences and needs utilizing a team approach which focuses on a more fully assure continuity and the development of relationships that promote respect, safety and quality care. In home health care can be as little as a few hours a month to provide family respite time up to 24-hour care and live-in through to the end of life, and anything between, all determined by the client and family’s needs and wishes.

How Can Forecastle Help Me

Our approach to Services Include:

  • Conducting a Comprehensive Assessment of each client’s situation.
  • Listening to you, and explain your health history and concerns.
  • Obtain, review and explain your medical records, including organizing records prior to medical appointments.
  • Developing a personalized Plan of Care.
  • Implementing the Plan of Care chosen by the client/family.
  • Adjusting the Plan of Care as needed.
  • Help in understanding medical information.
  • Discussing your concerns about appropriateness of treatment or health plan restrictions.
  • Seek options for evaluation and treatment of your health concerns.
  • Helping obtain home health equipment and supplies.
  • Provide health teaching and implementing preventative strategies.
  • Intervene with your health insurance provider.

Light Housekeeping

  • Clean kitchen & bathroom
  • Change the linen
  • Laundry

Sleep Over Services

  • Sleep or stay awake overnight
  • Prepare breakfast in am
  • Medications Reminders

Sleep Over Services

  • Companionship
  • Play board games
  • Arts and Crafts projects
  • Supervise home maintenance such as housecleaning, etc.
  • Medication Reminders
  • Monitor bathing for safety
  • Answer the phone

Live-in Services

  • Include all the above
  • Hospice patient care, follow Hospice Directives
  • Continence care

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